Navigating Through Change

Change is inevitable. Seasons change, time changes, our bodies change, even our lives change, and whether you want to admit it or not change is not ALWAYS a bad thing. Globally, we as the human race (thanks to Covid-19), have shown ourselves that we can face change, embrace change, and work with and through change. Change and/or transition can be a frightening journey. Transition is a tough place to dwell in, it’s often times tricky and the truth is if we aren’t navigating through transition with clarity we will face one of the greatest fears associated with change, the fear of becoming lost and loss itself.

What is Transition?

Transition is “the in between spot where you can’t really draw from where you’ve been and you can’t really receive the benefit of where you are going. You’re just in the process of change.” – Bishop TD Jakes

Why is Change Hard?

Resistance to change has been present since the beginning of time. Resistance to change can be found in daily news, movies, classrooms, business establishments, and even in Churches. What’s important to note is that the better we understand the purpose of change the less likely we are to fear it and resist. When our fears and reservations about change are removed we can then embrace change and allow it to run its course. Remember, transition has a purpose. Change is so hard for many of us for these three main reasons:

  1. We get comfortable in our discomfort
  2. We hold to the belief that transition has to be hard or that it will result in loss
  3. We believe that we aren’t able to make a change until we have full clarity about what’s next.

“Change can be either scary and overwhelming or galvanizing and exciting, it’s all about perspective.” – Linda Mitchell

What does the Bible say about change?

God’s Word indeed is a lamp and light for those of us navigating through change and transition. Scriptures like Jeremiah 29:11 first and foremost remind us that God’s plans for us are for us to prosper, and his intentions towards us are always good. Such a reminder gives us hope and peace when facing and embracing change. Isaiah 43:19 informs us that God does “new” things, and it would benefit us to know and embrace it. Deuteronomy 31:8 confirms that God is going before us, He is with us, and we should not fear. Joshua 1:9 similar to Deuteronomy 31:8, is a reminder that God is with us wherever we go and to fear not.

C.H.A.N.G.E. Your Perspective

When we understand that transition doesn’t have to be accompanied by loss and fear, we are enlightened with a NEW perspective! Coming into this new perspective that change can be helpful and not hurtful may be more challenging for some of us than it is for others. Challenging your perspectives is a daily opportunity for some, while its a “no brainer” for others. When it comes to challenging your perspectives towards change you can start by addressing the core beliefs established by your family when you were growing up. Was change seen as a norm and easy part of life, or were you taught to view change as overwhelming, hard, and frightening? There are patterns in our lives that are stored in our subconscious which effects our beliefs. What we believe will effect how we act.

The Compass

It’s time to change your perspective about change! God’s Word and The Holy Spirit are the compasses given to us to navigate the terrains of transition. Change does not have to be scary. Change does not have to be resisted. Change is inevitable, beneficial, and necessary. If you’re facing change and are resisting, ask God to help you with your fears and reservations associated with change. The Holy Spirit and God’s perfect love will help you to overcome those fears. God’s Word will encourage you to journey forward no matter the uncertainties and unanswered questions. The Word of God is your guide and navigation. Remember that God has gone before you and staying connected to Him will undoubtedly lead you into the “NEW” thing(s) He is doing in your life.

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